February 8, 2012

Craving Vs Saving // Knitted sweater, top see-through

Image via Stylexicon
When I first saw Christine Centenera's photos from the London Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2012, I couldn't believe my eyes of how beautiful her knit was (and the skirt, of course, but let's stick to the knit for now).

Despite what most sources say, this is NOT an Acne sweater, it is Ostwald Helgason (I suppose that Harper's Bazaar Australia must know better, since Christine is their Fashion Editor!). The thing is that I could not find where it was sold online, so I don't know its exact price. However, I found other knits by Ostwald Helgason at Opening Ceremony and the price was 725 USD.

About 10 days ago, I received the TopShop's Edited newsletter and guess what I saw... Yes, you are right, there was a similar knit! Unfortunately, it does not come in black, but there are three amazing bright/neon colors that you can style up your outfits with, in early Spring (I got the pink one).

They are perfect for the Greek Easter getaways on the countryside. The price is 55 GBP (delivery costs are not included). Currently they are all out of stock, but TopShop usually re-stocks the best-sellers.

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