May 17, 2012

Summer is Almost Here! // Basic Items

image via WeHeartIt

Hello darlings! Have you realized that Summer is almost here? Have you checked if your beach stuff (swimsuit, towel, hat, flip flops etc.) are still wearable? Have you bought everything that needs to be replaced? OK, don't panic, there is still time to get prepared before dashing to the beach. Here is my list of what I need for a day to the beach.

I got inspired by flowers, that are very popular this year, and stripes, which is the classic nautical pattern. I used nude as a base for red and blue to prevail.

girl holding the umbrella c/o Garnier

1. Sunglasses // I cannot step out of the house, I cannot make a single move without them!
Accessorize Rose Tinted Aviator

2. Two Bikinis // I always take two bikinis with me at the beach, that I can mix & match their tops and bottoms. It is so much fun! Try it, if you haven't already
Accessorize Daisy Frill Under-wired Bikini Top & Bottom (in red)
Accessorize Nautical Fine Stripe Top & Bottom (in blue)

3. Straw Hat // No questions asked. Everybody needs a hat of light color and small holes that don't allow your head to sweat easily and I don't like wearing caps anymore...
Accessorize Weave Flower Trim Trilby

4. Sun Protection // High protection for my very fair skin does not make looking like a toddler with white marks all over my body acceptable!
Garnier Ambre Solaire Golden Protect

5. Beach Bag // As big as a weekender bag to fit everything so that I keep my hands free for, i.e. drinking water
Accessorize Nautical But Nice Plain Weekender

6. Flip Flops // They have to be plastic because my feet get wet all the time and very light because I wear them almost all day!
Accessorize Fine Stripe Plastic Flip Flops

7. Reading Gadget // No, I am not talking about a flashlight, I am not staying THAT late! As a fanatic beach reader, I need something to hold my head up!
Oysho Beach Headrest

8. Big Towel // Not only keeping me dry, but also safe from any kind of germs and other horrible creatures that live in the sand or on the sunbeds
ZARA Home Dario Beach Towel 

9. Books & Magazines // Some light and funny reading along with fashion editorials, runways and beauty tips to keep me company between swims
"Αφούτο" (Afouto), a novel by Francesca Spengos. Unfortunately not in English yet, but my Greek friends will have a huge laugh (we need that now, more than ever before...)
Vogue Paris, June 2012... and Greece and US and UK... and July and August and September... I am starting piling up!

10. Cosmetic Bag // To put in my sun care products, hair pins, second swimsuit, ammonia for insect and jellyfish bites and keep them protected from sun and sand. Oh, I forgot to mention my colorful strings for my DYI friendship bracelets =)
Oysho Snail Cosmetics Bag

11. Beach Dress // or Sarong, so that I don't walk around in my bikini... I am not in my teens anymore!
Oysho Oversize Top

All images c/o the respective brand websites, unless stated otherwise.

I hope that you enjoyed it. Oh, and if I am forgetting something, let me know!

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