August 24, 2012

New In // ZARA : Basics, Shoes and Rock!

Clockwise from top left:
Scull Scarf // Black Leather Jacket // Black Shoes // Tank Top // Crimson Pants

During my last visit to ZARA, my mood was "rocking" after listening to MetallicaGuns'n'Roses, Bon Jovi and Scorpions all day... so this is how I can explain why I bought a black leather jacket, a skull scarf and crimson red skinny pants! Gosh... Anyway, I love them and as soon as the weather gets a bit chillier I promise you a "rocky" Sunday Outfit! The tank top is a basic item, always necessary, especially when layering. I already own 3 black so I decided to get a grey one this time. And the shoes... Well, the thing is I can never leave ZARA without a pair of shoes! No, I don't have a problem (#denial) my shoes are just never enough... I am barefoot, remember??? All these are new items from Fall 2012 collection.

I am off now! Have a great Friday and hope your Weekend starts soon =)
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