September 17, 2012

Blue Lace

Hello my Darlings!!! Fall is officially here with lots and lots of bad weather all over Greece during the last couple of days. Hubby and I spent the weekend in Sithonia @Chalkidiki, due to a Sales Conference that my Duke had to attend. Although it was raining non-stop, the scenery there was magical and so relaxing. I managed to finish Breaking Dawn (yay!!!) and spent a lot of time sleeping under the sound of rain...

On Sunday, we traveled to Thessaloniki to attend my baby niece's baptism therefore I had to look preppy (a dress that was not too long or too short) and feel comfortable (heels that were not too high or too flat) at the same time. Dark blue was the dominant color of my outfit with metal accents my accessories.

Sidenote: I began collaborating with the RewardStyle Platform and now you can find and buy directly online the items I am wearing just by clicking on the respective links underneath the photos! 

Dress: Dorothy Perkins (also in turquoise and purple) // Clutch: ZARA // Ring: Vintage

Shoes: ZARA

Earrings: Accessorize

I am really sorry about the photos' bad quality, but as I told you before, our camera is not professional. The bad weather made this even worse...

Until the next outfit post, I am wishing you all a great and productive week!!
Love you all
|barefoot duchess|

All images are c/o barefoot duchess blog
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