October 29, 2012

Leopard "Smoking" Loafers // Fashion Trends

Goodmorning everyone!! A brand new week begins today and a lot of weird - mostly bad - things are happening here in Greece that make the future look so blurry, not to say dark... However, the most important thing for me to do, is to think that I am healthy, I have my loved ones, family and friends, around me and I will do my best to get out of this mess a better person!

But enough with the sad talk! How are you doing my darlings? I hope that you are all well and having a great time, wherever you are!! This Sunday's outfit was based on two trends, a contemporary and a classic: "Smoking" Loafers + Animal Print

Those loafers are an investment because they are comfortable and on trend! Oh, and the trousers might look like leather, but they are not; they are waxed jeans! So you can have the leather effect in a much affordable price.

Clutch: MiuMiu // Watch: Massimo Dutti // Ring: Anna-Maria Mazaraki

Thank you so much for visiting!

|barefoot duchess|
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