February 25, 2013

Khaki Jacket // Closet Basics

Hat: ZARA Man // Scarf: ZARA // Jacket: ZARA // T-shirt: Regalinas // Hoop Bracelets: H&M // BF Jeans: ZARA // Bag: ZARA // Shoes: ZARA (old) // Sunnies: ZARA (old) // Nail Polish: Chica Boom Boom by H&M

Hello everyone!! Welcome to this week's outfit! Although Friday was the day of the Apocalypse here in Athens, on Sunday we enjoyed a very beautiful and warm day, so, the Duke and I, decided to go for a stroll to a park nearby. How was your Sunday? Did you watch the Oscars? I sure did and I am now preparing tomorrow's post with my favorites from the red carpet! However, for us living in Europe meant that we had to stay up until 7 a.m., which translates that I feel very sleepy (and sloppy) today...

Click on the link below for more photos!


Photos by The Duke

Thank you so much for dropping by! Love you lots and wishing you all a great week!!

|barefoot duchess|
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