April 17, 2013

In her shoes // Hillary Duff

I find this outfit of Hilary amazing... except for the shoes! I would never personally wear those shoes with that outfit. They might color-match but they definitely don't style-match. Too ladylike/vintage for her boho/relaxed look, don't you think? Harem pants, loose blouse, messenger bag and a wide-brimmed hat would look way much better with a pair of brogues or ankle boots, with or without heels. So, I made a list of shoes that I would suggest Hilary taking into consideration her personal style, age and body for that particular outfit. Let me know what you think!

If you want to see or buy any of those shoes, just click on the ones you like!!

|barefoot duchess|

Hilary's photo via Stylebistro.com. Product photos via respective online shops. 


Beauty Follower said... #

Απλό, καθημερινο
κι όμως τόσο κομψό!

Eni Rossidou said... #

Thank God at last someone is telling the truth and not the same good comments for an outfit
...we see really amazing outfits on blogs and sites but they are not always so perfect or maybe not so close to our taste...but why almost everybody make good comments? Is it so bad to tell exactly our opinion ?

thanks for doing this Angeliki...a pair of booties would be much more better ...indeed!
the rest of the outfit is so cool...maybe though these shoes are her..favorites(?)!!

xxx Ros.E.

Nuria said... #

Me gusta el outfit que lleva Hillary, sobre todo el toque de la pamela...


sergio castaño peña said... #

really like those chooc, but i prefer valentino sandals :)
such an amazing style!!

Sergio xx

ola said... #

You're totally right. Love the entire look but the shoes don't tell the same story. Great post. Love your shoe recommendations.


Milex said... #

you make me happy

Fashion Reactorw said... #

I tottaly agree with you! A pair of a kle boots would be perfect for this outfit!


Elin Kling said... #

Nice blogg!

The Chic Sheet said... #

Agreed! She def. needed something strappy!


The Marcy Stop said... #

Ohhhh.... love those Aquazurra booties!


Anonymous said... #

very true, I prefer the Valentino sandals


Margaret Cruzemark said... #

I think she should have wear this outfit with these black YSL babies...Sensation.
Best Regards
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

Marie Zamboli said... #

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Beauty said... #

Shoes # 3, 5 and 7 are my picks for the outfit

Estefanía Ainoza said... #

Really nice!! I love it!!!

Paola Lauretano said... #

Nice blog!!!
Would you like to follow each other?

Ann said... #

I'm with you,
your choices of shoes for that outfit is much better.
I'd personally go for #3.

Katta said... #

awesome, i love it! darling, you are the best <3


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