April 17, 2013

In her shoes // Hillary Duff

I find this outfit of Hilary amazing... except for the shoes! I would never personally wear those shoes with that outfit. They might color-match but they definitely don't style-match. Too ladylike/vintage for her boho/relaxed look, don't you think? Harem pants, loose blouse, messenger bag and a wide-brimmed hat would look way much better with a pair of brogues or ankle boots, with or without heels. So, I made a list of shoes that I would suggest Hilary taking into consideration her personal style, age and body for that particular outfit. Let me know what you think!

If you want to see or buy any of those shoes, just click on the ones you like!!

|barefoot duchess|

Hilary's photo via Stylebistro.com. Product photos via respective online shops. 
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