Birthday Wishes

Yesterday was my birthday and I received so many sweet and thoughtful wishes. Among others, some of my lovely friends sent me photos that were inspired by my activities as personal style blogger and they were so funny that I wanted to share them with you!

Those chunky Balenciaga over-the-top heels above were accompanied by the message: (free translation from Greek) For your birthday I thought I should give you shoes, don't look at them as ugly, they are a piece of art :) Happy Birthday! / by Vassilis

Came with the following wishes: Happy Birthday in style!! I am wishing you all the best and above all to be healthy! / by Aimilia

Saying: Happy Birthday Angel! Smile always and be happy! / by Manolis

The wish that came with it: Happy Birthday Doll! / by Katerina aka Samiamidi

And last but not least, came the cake: Always be well and (my) best wishes fashion girl!! / by Roula

Thank you guys! You made my day!!!

|barefoot duchess|