June 3, 2013

Versatile Dress

Dress: Regalinas // Necklace: H&M // Shoes: ZARA (both) // Bags: Accessorize (white), ZARA (orange) // Flower on hair: H&M

Hello my darlings!! How was your weekend? Mine was quiet and relaxing. Although it is the beginning of June, the weather is cold and rainy here in Athens, so no ice cream, no cocktails by the seaside, no summer movies...

Couple of days ago I went for a shopping trip to one of my favorite Greek stores, Regalinas, and found this amazingly colorful maxi dress; it was love at first sight! Loved the colors, all in my favorite palette, and I instantly figured at least a dozen different ways to wear it, so in this post I decided to show you two!

The first outfit (left) is casual: go shopping, run some morning errands, go to the movies or to a fish tavern, you can even wear it as a sundress! The second one (right), on the other hand, is more formal: go for a drink, to a party, to a morning wedding or a christening (very common in Greece)!

So excited with this purchase!! Do you own clothes that are versatile and can work day & night?

|barefoot duchess|

Click on the link below for more 'formal' outfit photos!!

Photos by The Duke


Rizuna Swon said... #

Zara clutch? Yes, that's my next stop. I looove it ��


Beauty Follower said... #

Μου άρεσε πολύ η τακουνοτή εκδοχή!


The Chic Sheet said... #

Beautiful dress!!!!


Issa Tchieu said... #

i would love to visit Athens someday. You're all bright and beautiful, nice vibrant colors.

Lauren said... #

I love dresses that can create any look! That is such a beautiful dress girl! love it xo

Eve G said... #

Ποσο όμορφη!

Red Tag Chic Los Angeles said... #

Count me in as a fan of this wonderful & colorful maxi dress...& that pretty little orange beauty is perfect to go with it!!!


Margaret Cruzemark said... #

You look like a princess from exotic islands. Lovely my dear.
Best Regards
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

Eni Rossidou said... #

I like them both...
the dress is amazing on u ...!

xxx Ros.e.

Mona-Lena said... #

Thank you for your sweet comment.

I love what you wear on your avatar, with the hat, it seems very pretty.

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