Beloved Books becoming Films // The Notebook

Many movie producers and directors have been inspired by best-selling books and have created amazing films. One of my favorite is The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks that Nick Cassavetes brought to the big screen in 2004, starring Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling, Gena Rowlands and James Garner and many more.  

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The Notebook is the touching story of an old couple that went through a lot to end up together, but life happens and is always unexpected... in a good and a bad way.

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When the book became a movie made a great hit. This was when we first noticed Ryan Gosling! Of course he was acting before, but until then, nobody payed much of attention. Also, Ryan and Rachel won the MTV Award for Best Kiss in 2005 for this movie (they were a couple at that time - this is gossip, I know...).

Here is the movie's trailer and some screenshots.

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Either you decide to read the book (approx. 225 pages) or watch the movie, I am wishing you a very romantic weekend.

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