November 26, 2014

Old Athens

Skirt // COAST via ASOS
Top // ASOS
Purse // thanks to Migato (similar here)
Fascinator // H&M (similar here)
Heels // ZARA (similar here & here)

I love wearing fascinators, heels and full skirts but the most exciting thing of all is how people, especially women, react when they see me dressed like that! Brings me great pleasure, when young school girls or ladies at my mom's age stop and tell me beautiful things or ask me where I got my skirt or my bag, if it is an editorial for a magazine or if I am somebody famous ("who are you? do I know you? are you famous?" hahaha). Sometimes they even try to communicate in other languages, mainly in English, French and Russian!

Now that I mentioned my mom, it is important for me to thank her in this post not only for that gorgeous skirt she got me for my nameday, but also for all the opportunities she provided for me that made me who I am today.

Thank you mommy. I love you so much and I am very lucky to have you =)

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke

November 25, 2014

Spring 2015 Prêt-à-Porter // Christian Siriano

Christian Siriano is a young and talented designer that we first met on the reality competition fashion show Project Runway, which he also won! His work really stand out from the very beginning. He launched his very first collection in 2008 and ever since he hasn't stopped evolving. Siriano's Spring 2015 collection is one of my favorite and I am sure you can all tell why...

See the entire collection here.

|barefoot duchess|

Photos via

November 23, 2014

Me & My Monkey (actually Teddy)

Skirt // ASOS
Hat // ASOS
Bag // TOUS (old, similar here)
Top // ZARA (old, similar here)
Boots // ZARA (old, similar here)
Belt // ZARA (old, similar here)

I am pretty sure that many of you have made at least one expensive buy, which the very next morning you regretted... But there was no way you could get your money back (sales period?) or exchange it for something else (lost the receipt?), so somehow you got stuck with it... And this (poor thing) got stuck at the bottom of the darkest place inside your closet and, thank Goodness, you totally forgot about it! Then, one day, months (or even years) later, it was time to clean up that crowded closet and suddenly you had a revelation: That impulse buy wasn't that bad after all =)

This is more or less what happened to me and my monkey, I mean my teddy. I bought it on sale, got off budget, then few days later regretted it so badly, that I put it somewhere I couldn't see it because it really (I mean really) upset me...

It's been less than a year that I found it and I am thrilled! It was a limited edition statement piece, which I am really glad I bought and eventually kept. So this is my advice to you: Wait a year or two before you throw or give away expensive pieces that you THINK you don't like anymore. Just wait. You might grow up liking them in the end...

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke

November 21, 2014

Eva Green for CAMPARI Calendar 2015

The stunning brunette posed for the 2015 Campari Calendar in gorgeous red gowns designed by some of fashion's best, like Vivienne Westwood, Versace, Azzedine Alaia and more.

See them all here.

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Photos via OOTD Magazine

November 18, 2014


Skirt // TOPSHOP
Bag // Clic Jewels, c/o Fran & Lili
Hat // ASOS
Top // ZARA (old, similar here)
Heels // ZARA (old, similar here)
Ring // ASOS (sold out)

What a beautiful, warm and sunny day was last Sunday here in Athens - fyi that was 9th November... Every now and then, I have been raving about how lucky I am to be living in one of the most beautiful countries on this planet and I am pretty sure no one can argue that. Since it was such a lovely morning, the Duke and I decided to go for a walk before lunch, at the National Museum, so I put on my brand new white tulle skirt, my heels and my floppy hat.

Many people think that I am only wearing tutus and hats for photoshootings. Sorry to ruin this for you, but I dress like that almost every day! Yes, this is how I feel comfortable, this is how I am myself. Blogging was extremely liberating for me in many aspects of my life and personality and dressing is on top.

Is there something you want to wear but you don't dare because you care too much about what other people my say or think? (haha, that actually rhymed!)

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke

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