November 26, 2015

My (Faux) Furry Friend

Dress // ZARA, similar here
Faux Fur Scarf // ZARA, similar here
Bag // ZARA, similar here
Shoes // ZARA (old), similar here

I adore a piece of faux fur; especially around my neck. I find it elegant, chic and... warm. Although it's not that cold yet, at least not in Greece, you can totally wear a fur scarf when the sun goes down. It keeps the chill away, you don't need a coat and turns a simple outfit, like the one I am wearing (a dress, a bag and a pair of heels) into a very feminine look.

The bag has also a small furry pom pon. I must confess that I am obsessed with this ZARA ombre bag! It's a unique piece, one of a kind, for which I couldn't find anything similar or even as cute!

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke

November 19, 2015

Charlie's Angel

Blouse // CHICWISH (sold out), similar here
Sunglasses // Wildfox (old), similar here
Bag // ZARA (old), similar here
Boots // ZARA (old), similar here
Hat // H&M (old), similar here

I love the 1920s, I like the 40s and the 60s, I am obsessed with the 50s, but the 70s were never one of my favorite decades about style. Well, things change, I am changing, and style is an adventurous journey for me, am ongoing process in which I discover myself and I constantly develop. Charlie's Angels was one of the TV-series I watched as a kid until my early teens so the looks of Kelly, Sabrina, Kris and (who can forget) Jill are still in my head as memories. Stylish memories to say the least. Also, American Hustle movie and the looks of Amy Adams played a huge part in me wanting to revisit and re-evaluate this decade. It's a promise (and a threat) that you will be seeing more of the 1970s from now on and I can't wait to share them with you.

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke

November 15, 2015

Paris Couture Week Fall 2015 // Valentino

While I was planning to share with you my favorite looks from Valentino's Haute Couture Fall 2015 Collection I bumped into THIS post from Cool Chic Style Fashion. And I changed my mind: There was no way I would post the runway photos instead of these masterpieces from Vogue Italia's editorial! Divine Grecian - Roman princesses/goddesses in black velvet and see-through maxi dresses in a setting of ancient ruins (I guess somewhere in Italy) wearing tiaras!! I close my eyes and I am there, with them, standing on a rock (to look tall) and super ecstatic... Come join me =)

See the entire collection here. You will find extremely hard to decide which one from the 59 looks is prettier, more regal and more flattering, because they are. The slits, the deep v-necks, the stringed waists, I loved everything about this collection.

|barefoot duchess|


November 11, 2015

Pink Puff

Top // ZARA (old), similar here
Heels // Handmade, similar here
Purse // Vintage, similar here

I love pink, not the Barbie-pink, the lighter version. The one coming out of girly dreams with unicorns, clouds of cotton candy and rivers of marshmallows... I also like big, full skirts with a high waist. I find them super feminine and elegant, because they look flattering on any body type, height and weight. Those two together make the perfect combination of what I consider "the perfect skirt". And so I found it, on Chicwish, of course...

However, there is a tiny detail I must share with you: I had to cut it in a very discreet mullet because it was too long for me (or I was too short for it) and looked really awkward on the front. Thanks to the incredible Mr Yannis, my awesome tailor, the skirt looks diviner (if this is even a word...) So, in case you decide to buy the skirt, please bare in mind that it does NOT look like this and the mullet design on the hem was my idea! Fell free to copy it, haha

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by Denia Kokoroskou

*Also in Black, Red & Green 
**Special thanks to Balthazar Bar/Restaurant for allowing us do the photoshooting in their beautiful garden

November 9, 2015

Paris Couture Week Fall 2015 // Zuhair Murad

Here is some backstage swooning from Zuhair Murad's Fall 2016 Haute Couture Collection. A feast for the eyes and every girly girl's dream...

|barefoot duchess|

Photos via Zebule Magazine

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