November 27, 2017

Fall Foliage

Bag // ZARA, similar here
Faux Fur Scarf // similar here
Boots // Stradivarius, similar here

Lovely weather, warm colors and fall foliage everywhere; that's what November looks like in Athens. And that was the main reason why this Saturday, the Duke and I decided to spend the entire day outside! The weather was wonderful, the sun was shining with just a few cloudy moments every now and then and we were both in a great mood.

Our first stop was the National Garden; I wanted a place where the background was green and the floor was covered with fall foliage so that my new spicy mustard coat would blend in and stand out at the same time. And this place was absolutely perfect! After the photoshoot, we went for a stroll in the garden (update: the ducks were back in the pond!). It was so beautiful and peaceful there, I wanted to stay there longer, but we had to do some shopping for the Duke (yes, that happens too, haha). Once we felt a little hungry, I took him straight to Σερσέ λα Φαμ, a wonderful place with delicious menu and very polite people on Mitropoleos Str. And he loved it! Our last stop, before going back home, was our "koumbaroi". A beautiful day should end with good friends and some beer.

We came back home after midnight* and it felt so fulfilling. I wish we could do that more often, like back in the day when we were students and carefree, and maybe it is not that farfetched.

*yes, for 12 hours I was wearing my heeled high-thigh boots from Stradivarius #love

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke

November 24, 2017

Emilia Clarke covers Harper's Bazaar - December 2017

Dolce & Gabbana dress / Eric Javits headpiece
Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen in the epic TV-series "Game of Thrones", is on the cover of December's Harper's Bazaar

*I am sharing some lovely photos and bits of her interview to Kaleem Aftab

About her Indian grandmother: “She would wear makeup to make her skin look white.” Granny passed away when Clarke was 16, and the teenager took off for India with her boyfriend to scatter the ashes. “She loved India more than she loved England,” Clarke says. “F*ck, yeah. I love that part of me—I’m like one-eighth Indian.”

About Italians: “People in Italy let you know how they feel,” she says. “I like that I don’t need to guess. There’s something so addictive about their personalities.”

November 16, 2017

Ca(r)pe Diem

Skirt // CHICWISH also in Red here
Cape // ZARA, same here 
Hat // H&M (old), similar here
Bag // ZARA, similar here
Top // ZARA (old), similar here

I strongly believe that most of us have those days asking ourselves "why I didn't do this, why I skipped the other, why I wasted my time in doing things with no meaning". The most skipped and forgotten task this passed year for me was going running. Oh, I could find so many excuses not to go: I had other things to do, more important (or so I thought), the weather was too hot or too cold or too wet, I was very tired etc.

About a month ago, I woke up one morning and felt my entire body aching, from the neck to my ankles, from my shoulders to my knees. What was wrong with me?! I started panicking and thinking many creepy scenarios... But, I had forgotten the most important. I had stopped working out for quite a long time. Of course I was walking my 6K steps daily outside for meetings and errands and of course I would do many things around the house, cleaning and ironing included, which I consider heavy tasks, but my body was on sleep mode.

So I challenged myself to answer why I had stopped doing something that I enjoyed so much. The main reason was "time". I used to go in the late afternoon, which was obviously why I stopped going. It was darker, colder and I was more tired. Although terrified by the thought, I decided to try morning workouts (not a morning person). And it worked! It's been a month that I go running 3-4 Km 5 days a week and I already feel so energized and fit.

And after my morning intense workout, I have a whole day to seize. #CarpeDiem

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke

October 24, 2017

Dorinus Illustrations // Fashion Artist

Couple of months ago I discovered Dorina and her beautiful illustrations on Instagram and been following her ever since. One hot day of Summer, while I was between house renovations, maid of honor obligations and summer vacation, I received an email with a gorgeous fashion illustration that was inspired by me! Me!! So touched and excited at the same time.

I realized then, that this was not just a hobby for Dorina, but actually her job! So, I went to her Etsy shop to see more and was amazed by the variety of items and themes that she designed and that the prices were absolutely fantastic! See some of my favorite illustrations by sweet Dorina below:

Couture girls, fashion prints, planners, notebooks, t-shirts, pillows and more! You can even request for a custom order

*Check out her Etsy Shop and don't forget to take part on our giveaway here, ending tonight!

|barefoot duchess|

Photos c/o Dorinus Illustrations

October 16, 2017

Last Days of Summer // Photo Diary

It might be the middle of October, but here in Athens the weather is wonderful. Sunny and warm, with clear skies and no less than 25 Celsius degrees during the day is like it is calling us to go out and soak up some sun for the cold winter days. One of those days, my friend Marianna and I decided to go out for a brunch and some chit-chat.

We sat at the Athenaeum Conservatory Cafe, Kelari and I treated myself with some carrot cake - which was delicious, you should try it - and a freddo espresso, while Marianna went for a toast and a fresh orange juice. Their open space is lovely and quiet during the day, you can also go their to read a book or even do some work.

Before heading back home, we went for a stroll at Areopagitou Str. where some stunning buildings and houses stand tall under the Acropolis. Feeling so blessed and lucky that I live in this city, because, no matter what, the sun will shine eventually and the historical center is so beautiful, like a postal card.

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by me & Marianna from Vintageholic

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