Dior Haute Couture // Spring 2012

When I saw this picture, I think I stopped breathing for a while... #brain_damage
image via http://vogueandcoffee.tumblr.com/post/16394544203/thebeautygirl-my-jaw-is-on-the
So, let me make a prediction:
"At least one of these dresses (should I say more?) are going to be on the Oscars red carpet".

The Tutus

The "Hitchcock Heroines"

The "Princesses"

The Sheers

- The red one (the one on the stairs, the one that costed me a significant number of brain cells) is my FAVORITE!!! (so you figured) -
Let's see who is going to wear them :)

See the full show (separated in two videos):



Can you see Cameron Diaz on the front row in her black&white polka dot dress and magnificent black high heels?

Images via Fashion Gone Rogue and The Simply Luxurious Life. Go visit them to see many more Dior Couture Spring 2012 dresses (I have included only a small number, those ones I liked most).

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