Elizabeth Olsen for ASOS Magazine - March 2012

Lizzie Olsen, Mary-Kate and Ashley's little sister, a rising actress and fashionista, is on the cover of ASOS magazine for the March 2012 issue. 

There is an interview inside, titled "Indie Queen" with a photoshoot based on boho-inspired outfits that can be bought online from ASOS.

On being Elizabeth from her sisters’ clothing line, Elizabeth And James, also sold by ASOS online. (James being their brother Trent James):
‘In my mind, that was, “Oh cool, that means I get free clothes!”’ she says of discovering the twins were using her name in one of their lines. ‘For two years, I didn’t buy anything. I’ve had this [grabs a huge, grey faux-fur jacket] for two years. It was a sample from The Row that never got made.

See full interview and photoshoot on ASOS Magazine
Lizzie's all three photos via Fashion Gone Rogue

ASOS also released the Spring 2012 Lookbook. Here are some photos:

Lookbook photos from Fashionologie.

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