Jennifer Aniston covers InStyle Magazine - March 2012

I adore Jennifer Aniston! I believe all Greeks do. She is smart and beautiful and funny and talented and stylish and... I could go on forever. She is on the cover of the US InStyle magazine for the March 2012 issue, with an amazing photoshoot and a sweet-but-down-to-earth interview. Here are some quotes:

On her culinary skills:
"I'd love to say I'm an accomplished cook, but I don't have any signature dishes. I'm good at breakfast - I make great eggs. My father gave me a little recipe. It's all in the seasoning. But it's a Greek secret. I won't give it away!"

On the most annoying misconception about her:
"Which one? There are so many. I would say the triangle with my ex-husband - and that there's a feud there. It's constant. It's a story headline that won't go away, but it's a money thing - [people make money off] a story that has nothing to do with reality."

On her favorite thing about boyfriend Justin Theroux's style:
"First of all, he has great style - it's very specific, and it has been his style forever. Has it influenced mine? No, but I know people say it has.'Oh, look, you're dressing alike.' And I think, no I'm not. I've had this jacket for three years!"

On what career she'd pick if she had to change:
"Directing. I was very proud of producing and directing for the beautiful project 'Five.' Or I'd love to be a dermatologist. I'd be so obsessive about it. I'm fascinated by skin, products, and lasers. I go on the Internet and read all about it. I call it 'laser porn.'"

On the biggest risk she's taken in life:
"I'm not sure. Just walking out of the house can be a risk!"

Images and interview quotes via Celebrity Gossip

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