Craving Vs Saving // Pastel yellow pumps with metallic cap toe

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The above picture is from Louis Vuitton's Spring/Summer 2012 fashion show, back in October 2011. This particular shoe, and I am not joking about that, costs 6,500 EUR (yes, thousand!). It is not a mistake, I double-checked the price in other LV sites. In fact, in France is cheaper, if you can use this word, than in Germany or the UK. I would assume that the high price is due to the alligator leather and the silver metal cap, but don't know really.

The thing is that you can have a similar pastel yellow pump with a silver metal cup-toe AND a futuristic heel for 79.95 EUR. By ZARA, of course.
images c/o ZARA (edited by barefoot duchess)

Pastel colors are going to be a great hit this Spring. It seems though that in heels this trend will have a "rock" twist this year. I did some research and here is what I found for you:

images c/o ZARA (edited by barefoot duchess)

images c/o TOPSHOP (edited by barefoot duchess)

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