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*Del Ray, of course!

According to Glamour UK, Lana has cancelled her touring plans for 2012! Rolling Stone have alleged that "her management company have scrapped plans for Del Rey to hit the road, as they feel she is not ready to perform a full live set."

The decision is thought to have come because of her much criticised performance on Saturday Night Live. It was a horrible performance and if you don't believe me you can listen for yourselves:

The most unfortunate is that this was not just a bad day or technical problems. At the Chateau Marmont for Mulberry's party, she sounded like an amateur! Although her last live performance on Letterman was not as bad, still was very weak. She couldn't breath correctly and she was trembling.

"Lana herself told Vogue magazine that her debut could also be her last record." It is sad because I really, really liked her songs and her voice, at least the one from the studio.

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The weirdest of all is that Lana quite recently signed with NEXT model agency. Was music the ticket to modelling or whatever fame and publicity brings? Hosting a show, having her own reality, becoming a designer celebrity etc.

Time will tell...

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