Angelina Jolie to play Maleficent // Films

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Right after Julia Roberts (in "Mirror, Mirror") and Charlize Theron (in "Snow White and the Huntsman") another Hollywood beauty is going to play the villain in a fairy tale that wants to stay young and pretty fowrever. Angelina Jolie is cast to play "Maleficent", the evil sorceress in Disney's 1959 "Sleeping Beauty", which is planned to be released in 2013.

See the resemblance??  LOL (images via here and here)
In her interview to when asked about her new role that's what she said: “I start it in June, and it’s a really great script. I’m having a lot of fun. I’ve already got my horns fitted. My kids are very happy….It sounds really crazy to say that there will be something that’s good for young girls in this, because it sounds like you’re saying they should be a villain. [Maleficent] is actually a great person. But she’s not perfect. She’s far from perfect.”

This is a fan-made photo. Isn't it amazing? via here
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