Cameron Diaz covers InStyle Magazine - May 2012

Cameron Diaz is a funny girl with a killer body. This is why, I believe, InStyle kept her photoshoot minimal (dark, almost black background and one wooden piece of furniture in each photo) so that her athletic figure would prevail in this extraordinary designer clothes. And here are some quotes from her interview:

On her approach to life:
“I'm living my life as a journey. My quest is to make it better every year.”

On having children:
“Society definitely puts pressure on women to make them think their lives should go a certain way. I’ve never said I don’t want children—I just haven’t had children yet. I don’t know what’s going to happen in my life! I could end up adopting children. I could end up with a partner who already has children. Who knows? I’m not trying to fit into anyone’s box about how I should be. I just fit in my own box.”

On her new project as a nutrition educator:
“Everyone needs to find a purpose, and I think mine is to help other people. This project is only in the blueprint stages, but I’m creating a space where I can teach healthy habits that girls can build on. I see women struggling with their bodies because they don’t know how they work on basic levels, starting with nutrition. The more I talk about this with people, the more I realize how much it’s needed. I’m really throwing all of my energy into it.”

Images via Celebrity-Gossip. See the whole InStyle photoshoot here.
Interview quotes via here and here.

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