Clemence Poesy in Nina Ricci Pre Fall 2012 // Met Ball Red Carpet

Clemence Poesy in Nina Ricci, the Met Ball 2012 (via here)

Last night, while "pinning" (I am pinterest obsessed at the moment), I bumped into the above photo, which claimed that Clemence Poesy attended the 2012 Met Bal!! "No Way", I said to myself, "I would have seen her! This must be some past year" but then her dress looked very familiar and really recent to my eyes... So, I did some "digging" and the truth is that this stunner was there, but she was barely photographed! What a shame...

image via here

She looked divine in pale pink Nina Ricci with her low bun and scarlet lipstick. If I had seen her before posting my TOP 5, she would definitely be in it!! But then, who was going to be out? Well, you and I will never find out ;)

image via here

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