MadMen Madness

Dress: ZARA

Like millions of people around the world, I am mad about MadMen! Not as much about the plot, but mostly about the fashion. Of course, Betty Draper is my favorite, so elegant and classy. As you can see, this Sunday's outfit was inspired by 1950s fashion trends: The sleeveless chemise dress, stripes and polka-dots, silk scarf worn as headbandbig straw hat, matching (almost) heels and bag and cat-eye sunglasses.

Silk scarf: Gift (thank you Garnier Greece!) // Earrings: Dazzlin' Gal

Bag: Luella // Sunglasses: Mango

Just like previous Sunday, whenever I dress up inspired by another decade's fashion, I feel like I travel in time... Of course, people look at me like I am an alien or, even better, a crazy lady that dresses up like it's the Carnival! BUT "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn....". Just like Anna Dello Russo said:

1. Go bold always, don't be afraid, don't think about what the people think.
2. Enjoy fashion, have fun with fashion, renovate your world through fashion.
3. Give your personal touch by choosing your best accessories

And so I did and always will do!

Hat: Gift (thank you Garnier Greece!)

Shoes: Dolce e Gabbana // Crystal bracelet: Baccarat 

Until next Sunday, have a great week!
Submitted to IFB Project #95: Show Us Your Stripes

Thank you so much for reading,