Mind the Gap // Famous Split Teeth

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When I was in my teens, among Grunge music, Nirvana, Dr. Martens and Beverly Hills 90210 TV series , a "good-for-your-health" trend had hit on us that mostly affected our parents and then eventually us, kids... The teeth braces... If your teeth were slightly uneven or split or both, then your parents would rush you to the special dentist (orthodontist), willing to pay a small fortune to make your smile healthier (and prettier).

Just think about it... What could add up to your teen horrible daily life of not recognizing yourself when looking into the mirror, with pimples all over your face and body, while realizing that you need to bathe every-single-day because weird odors are coming out of you and hair are growing on awkward places? Well, of course! Those things on your teeth that don't allow you to speak, eat or kiss properly! Of course, there were some cases that really needed the braces, but these are not the subject of this post.  

Although I had slightly uneven and split teeth, I thought of it as something very brutal, so my mom and I decided not to go for it. No regrets! And I can show you why:

Brigitte Bardot

Lauren Hutton


Vanessa Paradis

Anna Paquin

Lara Stone

Georgia May Jagger

Lindsey Wixson

See what I mean? Those ladies still look gorgeous even though their teeth might be split and uneven, don't you are agree?

"If you're lucky enough to have something that makes you different from everyone else... then don't EVER change." -Taylor Swift

P.S. I am not suggesting that, anyone with severe problem, should not fix it by all means! Besides, I am not a specialist or dentist to say who should or shouldn't.

Thank you so much for reading,