Raid His Closet // Basic Items

Did you go to his place for a sleepover and ended up staying for the whole weekend? Now what?? No worries darlings, our men have plenty of things in their closets that we can wear and still look trendy and fabulous, day or night! Do not worry about the size, because there are a few basic items that can take a lady out of such an awkward situation. BUT... you still need a pair of shoes, a bra and your panties, but I guess it is extremely difficult not to have these three, right???

The Boyfriend Jeans. The most popular item that a girl can borrow from her boyfriend and might never return it... Just cuff the legs and if the waist is big wear a belt or improvise!

The T-Shirt. The coolest piece in a man's closet! From simple, one-colored to rock band tees, with stripes, cartoons or silly messages men have loads of them for you to choose. Make a small knot down hem so that it will take your body's shape or if you want it loose just tack the front inside your pants or skirt. 

If it is too big, you can also wear it as a dress! With high heels it can look really sexy!!

The Shirt. Men have loads of them too, but better go for the casual ones, not those he has for the office. Wear it the same way you would wear his t-shirts or check out the video below for more ideas.  

The Tie. You can wear it as a belt, to hold your boyfriend's jeans, or waist up the shirt or tee. You can also wear it instead of a scarf on your hair as a headband to fancy up your ponytail or bun!

The Baseball Cap. I must admit that caps are way more wearable than women's hats, which are usually as big as an umbrella, and people stare at you like you came from another planet!

The Sunglasses. Most men wear Aviators or Wayfarers. Either will look great on you too!

The Watch. Men's watches are way much bigger and can look so fabulous on your arm, solo or in a 'party'!

The Perfume. Some women wear men's perfumes exclusively. My personal favorites are Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani and Cool Water by Davidoff. Try on your boyfriend's perfume and he will be with you all the time, even when he is away!!

image via here

image via here

Whenever you buy something for your man, have in mind that one day you might be wearing it =)

Happy Styling!

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