'Summer Rose' by Stella McCartney // Perfumes

The Inspiration: Morning in a garden of roses. A cool breeze vibrating with the scent of just-opened flowers. Sunlight warming bare skin. (from the website)

Stella McCartney's new Summer fragrance is here and I am so excited!! It is called Summer Rose and it is a limited edition.

Live among Summer Roses: If you are as lucky as to have your own garden, growing and taking care of roses is a great hobby, which will pay back eventually; whenever looking outside the window, the view will be heavenly and the smell divine, plus you do some workout! If you live in an apartment don't you worry, you can always drop by the florist every now and then and get some bunches. If you want decorations that don't need daily care and won't eventually fade out, you can buy bed linen or curtains or pillows instead. A wallpaper is a more permanent alternative, if you don't think that this is a bit too much... And if you like to host summer parties and you are a good cook, you can also try some rose recipes: Rose Cupcakes and Rose Lemonade.
{row 1} bunch, rose lemonade, tall fence {row 2} bed linen, garden arch, rose cupcakes

Dress like a Summer Rose: Pastels are very popular in summertime. Pink is a very girly color so ruffled dresses, floral pants, flowy skirts, rose gold accessories, embellished shoes and other princess-like items can help you create a 'rosy' outfit.
{row 1} Nina Ricci dress, Prada pumps, white & pink streetstyle, floral pants with rose gold bracelet & peplum top
{row 2} Valentino embellished sandals, Dior skirt {row 3} flowy skirt, Carrie from Sex and the City, maxi tulle & lace gown

Look like a Summer Rose: Natural makeup, girly ponytails, pink glittery nails and a rose-scented fragrance can transform you!

My personal favorite of all time is Stella, the first fragrance by Stella McCartney, which I keep refilling for almost 8 years now. Once I publish this post, I am off to a beauty store to try on Summer Rose!

Keeping you posted =)

ALL images via my Pinterest. All collage by barefoot duchess. 
*This is NOT a sponsored post.

I am wishing you all a beautiful weekend!
Enjoy Summer and surround your life with roses =)