The Little White Dress

Hello my darlings! I hope you all had a marvelous weekend. This Sunday's outfit was inspired by a wedding, my own. Next Sunday will be our 6th anniversary!! I would love to wear my wedding gown again and take some pictures at our beautiful National Garden, but I am not that bold... Therefore, I decided to create a bridal outfit for a city hall wedding, which is easier to wear outside.

Flower Headband & Earrings: Vintage

When you decide to get married to the city hall, is either because you cannot afford a bigger wedding or because you are in a hurry. So there are a few things to bare in mind when figuring out what to wear: Keep it simple and low budget, BUT also dreamy. Most of us want to look like princesses on our wedding day or goddesses or fairies or mermaids, you know, all those unbelievably beautiful fairytale and mythical creatures. So, when the dress is simple then accessorizing can do the magic for you!

Dress: Hybrid (ASOS)

For example, I did the hairdo myself - milkmaid's braids - and added a flower headband. Pearls and Sequins remind me of mermaids, which I adore, so I added a sequined clutch with purple hues to much the headband and a stack of pearl bracelets. I could add more drama with my shoes, but I decided to wear a simple, pearly white pair of peep-toe pumps.

Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti // Clutch: ZARA // Bracelets: Vintage

It is all about the fairytale, isn't it?
I am wishing you all a great week!