Playful Flapper

The 'Roaring 20s' madness has hit me for good ever since I saw 'Midnight in Paris' and 'The Artist'. I just cannot get the elegance and finesse of those costumes out of my head, so bad that makes me wishing I had lived in that decade! But, thank goodness, we have ZARA... When I saw this dress and those shoes on SALE, I instantly knew that I had to make them mine! You will probably say that it might look a bit awkward wearing the dress, but we are in 2012 and I am lucky to live in a country that everybody can wear anything they please =)

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Some High Fashion inspiration!

Dress: ZARA

Necklaces (one worn as bracelet): Achilleas Accessories // Ring: Accessorize

Clutch & Shoes: ZARA

Do you like my new hair? Well, I am not as daring as to chop it off that much, so I followed Lauren Conrad's instructions on how to achieve this hairdo. It is easy and fun! I did try to put a headband, but I was very clumsy, so I had to do my hair again... See below the tutorial in snap-shots:

The outfit photos were taken outside the restored Peloponnese Railway Station in Athens, which was built in 1912 by the famous architect Ernst Ziller. See an extensive photostream of the re-constructed building @ Athensville blog. Until next week, I am wishing you all the best!

All 1920s images via My Pinterest