Summer Hair // Inspirations

Just let the wind dry it

add some highlights

cut it, if you can't stand it in the heat of summer

two ponies instead of one can make your look girly and playful

Carey Mulligan really killed it with two different (classic & fishtail) little braids on her bob

messy hair and thin scattered braids really rock

you only need two bobby pins

well, I have no idea how it is done, but I can imagine!

braided headband, so easy and pretty

messy pony-updo, lovely to attend a wedding

low pony with a sided braid!! so hippie chic

the low braid

the sided braid

the double sided braid

a bun with a french braid on top

a top bun with a french braid on the back

the wet low bun

Chanel's wet bun accessorized with pearls could work perfectly on a summer bride

Or you can just wear a bandanna! 

All images via my Pinterest