Purple Splash // Wedding Guest

Hello my darlings! October is officially here yet it does not fell like it at all. It is 35 Celsius degrees outside and nothing brings Fall to my mind.  This is another not-Sunday-outfit... On Saturday, Duke and I went to a wedding+baptism, which is very common lately in our country. People have the baby first and then do the wedding AND the baptism together, so much time and money is saved this way!

The invitation

So we decided to shoot some quick photos with my mobile, because we were going to spend the whole Sunday on the road... Sorry I didn't wear the blazer, but it was too hot!

Dress: TOPSHOP // Clutch & Shoes: ZARA

Blazer: ZARA // Ring: H&M

We had such a great time! I am wishing a great month that will make all your dreams come true (and mine....)

Love you lots!
|barefoot duchess|