Craving Vs Saving // Snakeskin Pattern Clutch

If you are craving this bag (Falabella that is, by Stella McCartney) then you must already now that it is somewhat highly priced... Well, I have an alternative for you, my dear fashionistas! Check it out:

H&M Vs Stella McCartney
If you believe that this snakeskin pattern will become a classic and you can afford it, then go for the real thing, the original Stella McCartney Falabella which costs 615.00 EUR - you can buy it here.
Or, if you are like me, with a low budget and don't believe this will last too long, you should go for the H&M piece which costs 9.95 EUR and you can buy it here or just visit your local H&M store. I sure did and already put an outfit together!

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photo via my Instagram
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Streetstyle photo via Product photos c/o respective brands. 
Collage created by barefoot duchess.