Fall 2013 Fashion Week // Milan Favorites

Byzantium Empresses by Dolce e Gabbana (photo via The Sartorialist)

Hello everyone! No Sunday Outfit this week. I was feeling ill and decided to give myself some rest. Instead, I am posting today about my Milan Fashion Week favorite collections, which seems that they are the best so far... It was a pleasant surprise that Dolce e Gabbana duo were inspired by the Byzantium Empress Theodora, but it looks extremely weird to my eyes wearing head to toe hagiographies (religious icons we usually find inside christian orthodox temples!!) and crosses as earrings and necklaces (the ultimate symbol of Christianity). I personally have an outrageously embellished and heavy cross necklace from my christening, which I was very embarrassed to wear and I have no idea where it is... maybe my mom has it! Blumarine's pastels, Bottega Veneta's coats and Ferre's origami wraps are more beautiful than words can express. See below my personal choices:

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Photos via Fabsugar.com, unless stated otherwise. All collages created by barefoot duchess.