Spring Clean Your Closet // Organizing

May is ending soon and Summer is so near, so now it is the best time to organize your closet! I will walk you through my drill and if you like it, feel free to copy it!

Basic Rule: Take your time
There is no reason to drive yourself nuts or get stressed about it. It can be a very fun process, if you are relaxed and in no time pressure. You can make it last 1,2, 5 or even 10+ days, depending on the amount of clothes that you need to manage and the number of people you are responsible for, in most cases partners and children! For me (including hubby's wardrobe) this procedure takes about a week, starting with the heavy stuff on a Saturday morning until Tuesday/Wednesday and finishing up by Friday afternoon, including one day break. I usually spend the entire first two days to complete steps 1 and 2 (see below in detail), almost in a non-stop pace, and then 3 along with 4 might take me 2 more days. Finally, 5 is the best and easiest part, but before getting there, you need to have a clear view, a complete picture of your actual Summer closet, right?

Step 1. Clean up/ Freshen up
Twice a year, I take ALL the clothes out and clean up the closets. My tools are: dusters (I use Swiffer), the vacuum cleaner and in some special occasions a wet but very well squeezed Wettex wipe. I freshen up with lavender sachets, for a nice smell and to protect the fabrics from moths.

Step 2. Keep/ Donate/ Sell/ Toss
I separate clothes in four sections, either on the bed or the couch or both.
KEEP// The ones that we are planning to wear again next year, are in good condition and clean are stored on the spot. The rest are laundered or sent to the dry cleaner's, then stored too.
DONATE// There are also some clothes, which are in good condition and would definitely help people in need. You can give these to the Red Cross or to families you know they need them. Be careful not to offend anyone!
SELL// This is something I added this year for the first time. There are clothes like backless dresses and tops, leather leggings high heels etc. that you cannot donate so instead you can gain some extra cash out of them. I personally own some pretty awesome pieces which I wore once or never (!) and I am planning to put them on sale on ebay or ricardo. I will keep you posted!
TOSS// Finally, there are those that are ruined and you cannot donate nor sell, BUT instead of throwing them to the garbage you can take them to any H&M store and get discount for future buys! Isn't that fantastic?

Step 3. Store
You will need extra space that you don't actually use to store your Winter clothes, i.e. on the top part of your closet or in another closet. I personally store them in a closet that is in a room we call "the nursery"... You will also need some extra lavender sachets to prevent moths from ruining your clothes and many storage bags and boxes. NOTE: Don't forget that Step 1 applies here too!

Step 4. Line up/ Get inspired
Once the clothes are ready to enter the closet I advise you to categorize them by color (i.e. follow a rainbow chart) or by piece (i.e. from the shortest to the longest). This way it will be easier for you to create your daily outfits. TIP: I have created a moodboard on the inside of my closet doors with magazine photos of my favorite outfits. Trust me, it is a great savior those days that you got "nothing to wear"!

Step 5. Make a wishlist
This is the last and most fun part of this process! Write down a list with those pieces you want to replace because they were damaged or you think you are missing and will complete your closet.
What I would suggest for this Summer:
A striped blazer, a floral dress, a ruffled top, a black jumpsuit, a pair of colored skinny pants, a pair of shredded denim shorts and a denim shirt, a maxi skirt, a pair of white heels, a neon handbag, a straw hat and a chunky necklace.

All photos c/o ZARA. Collage created by barefoot duchess

And that will be all from me! I hope you enjoyed and that I helped you somehow. Do you have any tips to share? Write them down on the comments form, I would be thrilled to read them!

|barefoot duchess|

Photos via: Pinterest and Nestled Blog