9 Things You Didn't Know About Me

I decided that it is time to tell you some things about me that most of you probably don't know:

1. My husband's last name in Greek actually means Duke!
2. I lived for 1 year in Guildford, Surrey UK, for my Master's Degree of Science in Human Resources

3. I have only one living grandparent, Grandma Alexandra, aged 80
4. My first degree is in Early Childhood Education
5. I have got 2 brothers; the one is 2 and the other 12 years younger than me!
6. My first ballet class was at the age of 3!
7. Both my parents are doctors
8. I worked in Advertising for almost 10 crazy years before starting this blog, but never in Education or HR...
9. I don't have one favorite color... Love them ALL!!

Photos(clockwise from top left): Crown Ring by Prigkipo via here // University of Surrey // Children play & learn via Pinterest // With my brothers, 13 years ago // MadMen poster // All Colors via Pinterest // Gramma Alexandra on her garden-balcony // A baby ballerina via Pinterest // Derek and Meredith

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