September 27, 2013

Odette VS Odile // ZARA Shoes

For quite some time now, I have been searching for the perfect ballerinas (aka ballet flats). The specs were that they had to look as closer possible as those that real ballerinas are wearing. I think that ZARA heard my 'prayers' and here they are!! The tip toe part has the shape of a ballet pointe shoe and they also have a thick elastic strap hugging the coup de pied!

They come in baby pink, the one that I call Odette, the good swan, and in black, which I call Odile, the evil swan, and they both look dreamy. Which one to choose...

|barefoot duchess|

Photos c/o ZARA


Fashion Cognoscente said... #

Very cute! I love both colors too! Decisions, decisions...

Christina said... #

I would prefer the black!

helena said... #

They look so cute!! I prefer black over the soft pink ones though. said... #

These are soo lovely! I can not wait to see how style them up!


Margaret Cruzemark said... #

These babies are just adoralble. I love them, nude color is just great.
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

ForTheLuvOfGloss said... #

Send me the link honey!
Adore them!


Ashley Torres said... #

How cutesy are these? Honestly, Zara is so magical. I love EVERYTHING!!

Pursuit of Shoes

Beauty Follower said... #

Really cute... but for me the perfect ballarinas are those:

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