H&M Cosmetics // Review

For those of you who don't know it already, H&M has launched a new cosmetics line for Fall, inspired by absolutely conflicting trends: Gothic, Romanticism, Minimalism and modern nature. Sweet pastels in pale pink and lilac grey on the one side and dark metallic bold colors like blue, silver and purple on the other.

Personally, I am a heavy H&M nail polish user (proud owner of 25+ shades!) for 3 years now. You will think I am crazy, but I like changing colors constantly and they come in the great price of 3.95 EUR each! I just can't resist! They have great quality, colors stay bright for long enough, they don't chip off easily and I may keep the mani 7-10 days intact! I also use all their makeup brushes and two 'nude' eye-shadow palettes with which I am very pleased.

Lately, I was thinking about trying bold lip colors, like bright pink and deep plum. You might have already realized from my outfit posts that I am a pale-lipstick kind of person. I didn't want to spend a small fortune to buy lipsticks that I will use 2-3 times tops just for experimenting and fun, so I went to my nearest H&M store and got Wild Thing (deep plum) and Pink Fool (bright pink) in the amazing price of 4.95 EUR each! Haven't tried them on yet, but I will keep you up-to-date about this new beauty adventure.

Have you tried H&M cosmetics yet? Are you happy with their quality?

|barefoot duchess|

P.S. I wanted to share photos of my 'stash', but it is cloudy and dark outside and the light is so non-existant

All photos c/o H&M. Collage created by barefoot duchess.