Tutu Skirt // ASOS & CHICWISH
Top // ZARA (old), same here
Shoes // ZARA (old) similar here
Purse // H&M (old) similar here

You might have realized that I am generally obsessed with anything that has to do with ballet... My first class was when I was 3.5 y.o. (!) and I kept going to ballet classes until I was 28, ballerina shoes and clothes have always been a significant part of my closet and Black Swan is one of my favorite movies! So yes, ballet is a large part of my being.

I guess that the most intoxicating thing about blogging is that I can do what I like, what I love, what I enjoy the most. And that's me in a black tutu skirt! Who would have thought I would dare to wear a tutu skirt on the streets! I might have bought it but would eventually stay in my closet FOREVER with me staring and dreaming... Yet here I am sporting an Odile inspired outfit (the evil swan from Swan Lake). You might ask where on earth am I going to wear this skirt again. Well, it is not a item you want to go out for a coffee or run errands, but I have some special occasions in mind that I can get all dressed up again!

If you are a blogger, do you enjoy dressing up like there is no tomorrow?
And if you are not, would you become just for the dress-up fixation?

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke