My Mascaras // Review

My top favorite beauty tool? Mascara.

Magic wands, that's what I like to call them. I've been using them since I was 16 (Gemey Paris, now Maybelline NY) and if I had to choose one, just one, makeup item to wear the rest of my life, that would be a mascara! You might be wondering why, but it is easy to figure out... I am blonde, which means that my eyelashes are barely visible (truth is they are not visible at all...) so the only time I don't wear mascara is in bed and when I go to the beach.

My favorite ones and those that I use right now are:
Benefit's They're Real!
Maybelline's Rocket
Maybelline's Falsies (especially the 'feather-look')
Clinique's High Lengths

Love my lashes thick and long and to look like falsies, but without wearing any falsies! I use They're Real! and Rocket for dramatic, smokey eyes, Falsies feather for every-day barely there makeup and High Lengths when I want to 'upgrade' my Falsies to an evening, more dressy look.

In my opinion, Maybelline's are the best mascaras I have ever tried and still evolving. The result is perfect and they are so easy to remove, with barely any effort and without damaging the sensitive skin around your eyes. They're Real! has a great final result, but when it is time to remove it, get's a bit tricky and needs persistence and a lot of patience not to hurt the delicate eye area. Clinique's high lengths also has a great result, but you have to be extremely careful when applying in order not to get smudged and look like a raccoon!

Have you tried any of my favorite mascaras? Which is your favorite beauty tool?

|barefoot duchess|

Photos via my Pinterest boards Beauty Tools and All About Beauty