Roaring Gangsta

Couple of weeks ago I did an outfit for La Grèce J'aime, a website dedicated to all creative aspects of our beautiful country. Greek designers, fashion brands, photographers, young talents, artists, fashion bloggers, musicians, all fit and mingle together in la Grèce j’aime! With outfit #2 on the way, I would like to invite you to visit the website and see the creative aspects of a country that everyone seems to believe is collapsing... 

One of my favorite things to do is dressing up and being a personal style blogger is a great excuse to do so very often. The Roaring 20s is my favorite decade and so far I have dressed up as a Flapper and as a Gatsby tea party guest. Of course, a Gangster couldn't be missing from my tribute to the Golden Age!

Inspired by movies like The Untouchables (1987) and Gangster Squad (2013)an androgynous outfit with a pair of wide legged long cuffed trousers and an oversized shirt works perfectly for a coffee, an evening cocktail or even a dinner. However, accessories are the key: a statement piece, like a leopard clutch, can feminize the look while the hat and the tie give that little extra touch of surprise.

How would you feminize a masculine outfit?

|barefoot duchess|

P.S. For more details about the items and where to buy them you can click here.

Photos by The Duke