Caramelized Pleats

Blouse // ZARA, same here
Skirt // ZARA same here
Shoes // ZARA same here
Bag // ZARA similar here
Necklace // ZARA same here

I finally got a haircut! Not the usual trim, but a real haircut!! We chopped off about 5cm and we cut some layers to give texture and build movement. Although most people did not notice, to me was a huge deal, because my hair had grown very heavy and I had began to hate it, if this was ever possible... Not to be misunderstood, I love my hair, I take care of it, maybe more than anything else on me. So, imagine my panic that morning I called my hairdresser and said: "Marina, today you have to find time to cut hair! You just have to!!"

Now, enough said about hairs... It is the first time in months that I post an outfit right after we shoot it and the reason is because I just couldn't resist! Usually we shoot 10 days in advance and we have back-ups. For example, I currently have three unpublished outfits! That can be good and bad at the same time, but we'll discuss it in another post. So, once I saw the photos, I decided not to wait. Can you blame me? Caramel brown, cream and black harmonically worked together to create a feminine and chic outfit that you can easily wear to an important meeting, on a date or other semi-formal occasion. I am obsessed with every single piece, but especially with the bag (so Alma Louis Vuitton!) and THAT NECKLACE stands out with its unique design. I am obsessed with ZARA and my condition is non-treatable...

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke