Colors of Love

Dress // ZARA (old) same here
Trench // Toi & Moi (very old) same here
Hair accessory // Vintage similar here and here
Shoes // ZARA (old) similar here
Tights // ZARA (old) same here

Not really a Valentine's day believer, not even close, but this year, for some reason that I cannot explain, I am feeling that love is everywhere around me! And although I have never done it before, I decided to create an outfit for that special day and those of you who actually believe and celebrate!

Generally speaking, in romantic relationships Red and Pink symbolize the stages of love, red for passionate (stage 1) and pink for sweet pure love (stage 2). Unfortunately, most couples go from red to pink and then to chaos. My recipe to last longer and avoid chaos is keeping red, while entering the pink stage. And what a pleasant surprise it is to see how beautiful they look together!

Will you celebrate Valentine's day? What is YOUR recipe for long lasting love?

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke