Olivia Pope // TV Style Icons

Like millions of women (and fewer men) on this planet, I am a Gladiator aka a huge fan of Scandal and Olivia Pope. But as a style blogger I couldn't resist posting about her impeccable style. To me, Olivia Pope is the new, powerful, successful and stylish Carrie Bradshaw.

Not that Carrie wasn't all those mentioned, but Olivia ranks higher. And I am pretty sure you agree with me. There hasn't been a single episode that I didn't love her outfits, which was not always the case for Carrie... I adore the color palette that Lyn Paolo, the series' stylist, chose for Olivia, her hour-glass tailored suits and of course her brilliant coats! The coats are my most favorite part of her wardrobe, classic and timeless, and probably the most expensive pieces by Burberry, Ferragamo, Ralph Lauren and Armani.

Are you a Gladiator?

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Photos via ABC Television Network and FoxLife Greece