Plaid on Plaid

Suit // ZARA (old)
Scarf // ZARA (old)
Shoes // thanks to SANTE SHOES
Clutch // ZARA (very old)
Knit // ZARA (very old)

Nothing better to make my cloudy day, than a pair of new shoes; ruby red; with high heels; and the sexiest straps I have seen! Couple of days ago, Sante Shoes sent me not one but two (!) boxes of shoes, both gorgeous and so my style. I got so excited that I just couldn't wait to wear them.  

That day of the shooting it was freezing cold and slightly raining, so I had to wear something that would keep the rest of my body warm, since I was wearing my new sexy red heels no matter what! It seems so easy when the starting point of an outfit are the shoes. I immediately picked the parts and created the most colorful moody outfit I have ever worn, matching plaid with plaid and adding not one but two bright color, purple and red. 

Can't wait to show you my other new pair of shoes =)

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke