Zodiac Circle

Bracelet // c/o Coco & Jagger
Shoes // Stradivarius (old)
Jumpsuit & Clutch// To see what I’m wearing and where to buy it, visit La Grèce J’aime

I am not the kind of person that reads or consults their daily horoscope. Never was. I do believe that people who were born in, let's say, Summer may have some common attitudes, but I never considered someone's zodiac sign a parameter to treat or think about that person accordingly. I believe in a human's uniqueness, choices, instincts, coincidences, even luck but not in signs.

However, when I saw Urania Gazelli's circle clutch with that heavenly turquoise color, the zodiac signs were the least of my concerns! Once again, Urania created a piece of art, a statement clutch that makes you stand out from the crowd even with the most minimalistic outfit. My gold-ish BO2 jumpsuit was the perfect canvas for a very summery Studio54 inspired outfit straight from the late 70s, which I paired with red heels and a gorgeous handmade bracelet.

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke