Makeup & Body Care Products // Review

Although naming it #1, this is NOT my first beauty product review. However, it is the first of a series of posts that I am planning to blog about based on my personal experience: why I bought them/ why I like them (or don't like them)/ if I would purchase them again.

*Maybelline New York FIT ME Foundation, 120*
Why I needed a new foundation: During summer vacation I wasn't wearing foundation, since most of the time I was at the beach or sleeping... In the day I would go for my day cream with SPF and in the evening I would wear a BB cream. However, my skin did tan a bit, so I can't wear my regular foundation anymore.

Why I chose to buy THIS product: About a year ago, Maybelline NY sent me a FIT ME foundation, which unfortunately was too dark for me, so I gave it to a friend to try it. Lucky her, she loved it! Since I wanted a foundation for a very short period of time, which translates more or less to 2 months, until my skin gets its original color, I decided to go for a good quality/average price product.

Why I like it: 1. It is easy to apply. I love foundations in bottles with pumps. That way, I can easily adjust the amount of product 2. The texture is lightweight and my skin looks and feels natural. If I want to cover unevenness and slight blotchiness, I use more product 3. And finally, the color match is perfect for me! 120 is exactly my tanned skin's color.

Would I repurchase: 100% yes, for all the above!

*Maybelline New York FIT ME Concealer, 20*
Why I needed a new concealer: For covering dark circles and at the same time highlighting my eyes matching my new foundation.

Why I chose to buy THIS product: For the same exact reasons as I chose the foundation

Why I like it: 1. It is easy to apply. I prefer concealers with sticks 2. The texture is light 3. And finally, the color match is perfect for my skin!

Would I repurchase: Absolutely!

*Le Petit Marseillais Baume Nourrissant (Nutritive Body Cream)*
Why I needed a new body cream: I rarely use body creams, since I have combination skin, but with sun tanning it gets dry and flakes, so I needed a rich, nourishing cream to avoid this unwanted effect.

Why I chose to buy THIS product: I have been using Le Petit Marseillais shower gels for years and I love them, not only for the softness of my skin but also for the delicious scents. Past summers I used to buy the dry oil, but it wasn't as dry as I would like it to be... leaving stains on all my clothes! #bummer

Why I like it: 1. It is easy to apply. I prefer creams (for face and body) in jars. That way I pick the amount of product I want and use even the last drop! 2. The texture is super rich and my skin feels so soft and elastic after the product dries off 3. And finally, smells deliciously: Karite butter, Sweet almond and Argan oil! I am in heaven

Would I repurchase: Absolutely!

Have you used any of these products? What is your opinion about them?
|barefoot duchess|

*Important Note/ Disclaimer: These are NOT sponsored posts. I have bought the products with my own money and the review is 100% based on my personal experience.

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