Eyebrows by Benefit // Review

My eyebrows don't look like Cara Delevingne's... On the contrary, they are very blonde, maybe a tone lighter than my hair (!), they are quite thin and almost invisible! When I was 20, a (younger) friend of mine took the initiative to give them a shape, without plucking them too much, and until a year ago I was only brushing them every now and then with a transparent brow gel from Sephora.

Then I met Benefit Cosmetics and that changed everything!!

First, I bought the gel, speed Brow, which I liked better than my previous one, because it lasted longer and my eyebrows stayed in place til the end of the day!
Then, I dared to replace speed Brow with the colored brow gel, gimme BROW, in light/medium. My eyebrows not only stayed in place but also looked shaped!
Finally, I added the instant BROW pencil, also in light, and for almost a year now the last two are on my daily makeup routine! I never go out without wearing them, those two and my mascara!

And because words are not enough when talking about makeup, I wanted to share with you a quick selfie I took today while putting on my makeup. The one on the right is naked... The other on the left is clearly separated from the eye, makes it look bigger and defines the shape of my face better. So now you know exactly what I am talking about!

Have you ever tried Benefit's eyebrow products? Did you like them?

|barefoot duchess|

Important Notice: These are NOT sponsored posts. I have purchased the products with my own money and the review is 100% based on my personal experience.