Old Athens

Skirt // COAST via ASOS
Top // ASOS
Purse // thanks to Migato (similar here)
Fascinator // H&M (similar here)
Heels // ZARA (similar here & here)

I love wearing fascinators, heels and full skirts but the most exciting thing of all is how people, especially women, react when they see me dressed like that! Brings me great pleasure, when young school girls or ladies at my mom's age stop and tell me beautiful things or ask me where I got my skirt or my bag, if it is an editorial for a magazine or if I am somebody famous ("who are you? do I know you? are you famous?" hahaha). Sometimes they even try to communicate in other languages, mainly in English, French and Russian!

Now that I mentioned my mom, it is important for me to thank her in this post not only for that gorgeous skirt she got me for my nameday, but also for all the opportunities she provided for me that made me who I am today.

Thank you mommy. I love you so much and I am very lucky to have you =)

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke