Foamy Black // *Twinkle Collection*

Merry Xmas everyone!! 

So many of you want to wear a tulle skirt so badly, but are too shy or scared what others might say. Many people think that tulle is for toddlers going to parties, ballet dancers dancing on stage & brides walking down the aisle. This has to change! And this is where I come to the rescue, like the fairy godmother, bringing you the most fluffy, girly and dreamy skirts, turning you into real-life princesses.

New Age Cinderellas Unite!! The "Tulle Skirt Movement" is real, it's here and we invite you to join us!!

Black is so easy to wear and the best choice for the most shy of you. Our *Foamy Black* has 4 layers of black tulle on top and 3 layers of light grey tulle underneath. Comes with inner lining in black and, like all *Twinkle* skirts, is handcrafted by Joanna Misseli!

|barefoot duchess|



Photographer: Panos Demiropoulos
Sweets: Custom-made by The Sweet Spot 
Concept, Styling & Decoration: Barefoot Duchess