Scarlet Red // *Twinkle Collection*

Still wondering what to wear to that Christmas party you're invited?

Bill Blass has the answer for you: "When in doubt, wear Red!"

Girls that really want to make a statement with their looks, already know that red is the best color to turn heads and attract all eyes. Red is the most stunning color, has presence and overflows with energy. It boosts your mood, you feel more confident and has a distinct effect on the people who see it.

However, this doesn't mean you cannot wear it again. Red is a very bright and festive color that you can wear with black, white, grey and metallics not only for the Holiday season but also many other occasions: Birthdays and other Parties, Ballet Night Out, Cocktails with the BFFs, Young Moms Palydate and many more. Ask away and I am here to help you!!

*Scarlet Red* has 4 layers of deep red tulle on top and 3 layers of light grey tulle underneath. Comes with inner lining in black and, like all *Twinkle* skirts, is handcrafted by Joanna Misseli.

|barefoot duchess|



Photographer: Panos Demiropoulos
Sweets: Custom-made by The Sweet Spot 
Concept, Styling & Decoration: Barefoot Duchess