Color Inspiration // Green

>> Girl with Gloves, painting by Tamara de Lempicka
>> Stockholm vase, Ikea
>> Wonderblur skin smoothing cream, The Body Shop
>> Emerald blazer with pointy shoulders, ZARA

Lately, I have been obsessing over anything green...  I am a huge admirer of Tamara de Lempicka's work but the Girl with Gloves is my favorite and I think it is because of the dress... looking so much like the one Keira Knightley wore in Atonement! I bought a replicka poster of the painting more than a decade ago and right now it makes the entrance of our house look so fresh and much prettier!

Couple of days ago, I was checking out the new arrivals for SS 2015 @ZARA and the moment I saw the blazer there were no second thoughts. I just put on my clothes and went straight to the store! Soon on an outfit post, I promise =)

The Stockholm vase from Ikea is on the top of my wishlist right now. It matches perfectly with my de Lempicka replicka and I am planning to accessorize it with some fresh white flowers!

Last but not least, I am really curious about WonderBlur by The Body Shop... Have you tried it? Does it do what it promises? I have to check this out and promise to let you know ONLY if it is a good one (bad products NEVER make it to this blog!)

|barefoot duchess|