Dapper Hatter

Hat// ZARA MAN (old), same here
Clutch // ASOS
Heels // SANTE SHOES, similar here
Blazer // ZARA (old), similar here
Top // ZARA, similar here
Pants // ZARA (old), similar here

Although androgynous looks are not on the top of my dressing list, I  love wearing them every now and then. My body type is not very friendly with masculine shapes and clothes, but I still dare to try them on... I admire seeing other women in androgynous style, but I don't like it on me! I would have ditched it, however, I finally decided to post this look because I wanted to show you that you can still look feminine even if you wear "manly" clothes.

Oh, and if you want to make a statement, don't forget to wear your hat and high heels ;)

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke