Rock the Tulle

Skirt // thanks to Chicwish
Jacket // ZARA, same here
Top // H&M, similar here
Purse // ZARA (old), similar here & here
Crown // ASOS (old), similar here & here
Ring // Personal Collection (old), similar here

Gosh, I wanted to do a 'rock' outfit for so long and finally the time has come, thanks to the awesome black maxi skirt that the kind (and very thoughtful) people from Chicwish sent me =)

Although I am a girly girl, I am the proud owner of 'dark' items. A black biker jacket, a metallic box clutch, black nail polish and a skull ring were all I needed to give a Gothic touch to my princess-y outfit.

Many of you tell me that you love my tulle and girly outfits but you are too scared to wear them because you are afraid how people will look at you or what they'll think or say.

My advice: Don't let ANYONE tell you, with their words or actions, what to wear. You are giving them too much power. I am not telling you to go out naked or wear something that does not fit, but if you like something very much, then YOU are the one to decide. ALWAYS remember that this a privilege of free people, living in free countries and no one can take this away from you.

Of course, some people look at me like I am an alien or laugh but I don't care, because when I am in my tulle & crown I am MYSELF and that's more than enough for me to feel happy and confident in my own skin.

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke