Grey(t) Dress

Dress // ZARA, similar here
Bag // ZARA (old), similar here
Shoes // Nine West (old), similar here
Hat // ASOS

Do you have a wardrobe checklist with key pieces (i.e. a pair of pumps, a leather jacket, a bag) that you are looking for the perfect shade, fabric, shape?
And you keep on buying until you find the perfect one?
And you have bought more than you can actually wear?
And, eventually, you don't like any of them?
You do??

My 'tiny' list, apart from the obvious, also includes a not-so-obvious item: a Maxi Grey Summer Dress. I have bought 3 in 2 years... #1 was the worst of them. I picked it for the low price, but the fabric was of extremely bad quality, meaning that every time I had to sit down an extra 'butt' was created just below mine... The moment I realized I had extra fabric hanging there, I was too embarrassed to wear it again, so I recycled it (@H&M's recycling program). I still have #2 in my closet, however, after wearing it only twice I realized that the fabric was kind of a see-through... Now I wear it only during my summer vacation over my bikini or at home.

However, I got lucky with #3! The body-hugging elastic ribbed fabric, the shade, the length, even the design around the neck is perfect. No extra butts or see-throughs. I am obsessed and I can't stop wearing it.

P.S. #1 and #2 were NOT from ZARA. Just clarifying. 

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke